Carded Fleece

Felting offers a possibility to create a great diversity of products from flat paintings to three-dimensional figures, jewellery and even household furnishings. It has become very popular in recent years and there are countless online courses and tutorials in several languages available, as well as books on felting.

Our best known and most loved product is carded fleece. Piiku’s carded fleece of Finnsheep wool is an excellent material for both wet and needle felting. It feels soft in the hands and it felts easily, which makes it a pleasure to work with whether you are a beginner or a professional felt maker.Carded fleece can also be used for spinning – especially the multicoloured fleeces give almost endless possibilities to a spinner.

We offer carded fleece in a wide variety of colours, the core of which has remained the same for years, but because playing with colours is so much fun and we want to respond to the needs of our customers, we add new colours to our charts every once in a while.