501. Natural white washable sheepskin

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Natural white sheepskin.

Piiku’s sheepskins come from finnsheep lambs, born and raised in our family farm in Petäjävesi, Central Finland. The size of the sheepskins varies a little: length 100-110 cm and width 80-85 cm.
The skins are treated to be machine washable. This treatment is done by a Swedish company and therefore there is their stamp on the leather side of the skin.

Care instructions:
– The best care for a sheepskin is airing and shaking.
– Wash small stains by hand washing with care.
– Machine wash with a 30 grades’ wool program if needed.
– Use a detergent with pH 3,5 – 5,5.
– Let the skin dry flat and shake lightly while drying.
– The sheepskin gets softer when used, even though it feels a bit stiff after the wash.